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      The formal history of the Beta Zeta Chapter of Theta Xi Fraternity has its beginnings in 1950 when six men were initiated into a Colony of Theta Xi fraternity at what was then Alabama Polytechnic Institute (API).  Over the next four years, a total of 42 men would be initiated into that Colony.  On February 25, 1954,  the Beta Zeta Colony of Theta Xi Fraternity at API would formally receive their charter officially becoming the Beta Zeta Chapter of Theta XI Fraternity.

     Over the next six years, many changes were occurring on the campus of API and within the Beta Zeta Chapter.  In 1960, API was granted University status and officially renamed Auburn University.  Also that same year, the Beta Zeta Chapter, having quadrupled its total initats, began construction on a new Fraternity House located at 835 West Magnolia Ave.  This house was completed in 1962 and is located in the heart of “Old Row”.  

     The Theta Xi House has received a series of renovations, upgrades and improvements on an ongoing basis.  All the renovations and upgrades have contributed to a house that is safer and more secure for the Brothers who live there.                              
     From the first Beta Zeta Brother, to our latest, the Beta Zeta chapter has initiated hundreds of men who cherish their time as Brothers.  Many have gone on to be top men in their fields.  From architects to astronauts, engineers to professors, in every occupation one could imagine, Beta Zeta Brothers have served well.

     The future of the Beta Zeta Chapter House at Auburn University is bright.  The Alumni Board of Governors is developing a Capital Campaign with House renovations and increased square footage planned.  Not only is the Chapter House a bright spot, but the men who are the current active Brothers are among the best and brightest on the Auburn campus. 

All True Men

All True Men


Theta Xi has established the All True Men program to recognize and support chapters which go above and beyond the standards for accreditation. All True Men chapters provide additional opportunities and focus on leadership development for chapter members.

Benefits of being an All True Men chapter:

  • Access to a leadership coach assigned to the chapter to provide regular support and guidance.

  • Support and resources from Headquarters staff, including an on-campus visit, and virtual consultation for all chapter executive officers.

  • Expenses paid for a second chapter member to attend the Rising Stars Academy

  • Badges for all new initiates at no cost.

  • Additional grant monies (based on chapter size) provided to the chapter to support educational and leadership undertakings, such as attendance at Theta Xi leadership academies or educational resources for the chapter.

Standards to be listed as an All True Men chapter:

  • Accountability

    • Maintain a clean and inviting chapter space that promotes a home environment that promotes mental, physical, and spiritual growth.

    • Hold members accountable for behavior that is inconsistent with the spirit of the fraternity or violates Chapter and Fraternity policy.

  • Leadership Development

    • Participate in Theta Xi’s leadership coaching program

    • Ensure 50% of Chapter members provide leadership in in on-campus or community organizations outside of Theta Xi.

    • Demonstrate a commitment to broadening each individual’s leadership opportunities by attending Theta Xi national training, attending campus-sponsored leadership development events, and hosting a chapter leadership development workshop.

    • Host annual academic success workshops for both members and non-members

    • Host or attend an annual health and wellness workshop for the chapter.

  • Associate Member Education

    • Utilize the Alpha 9 Associate Member education program, designed by Headquarters.

  • Recruitment

    • Maintain or show progress towards obtaining a chapter size consistent with the average chapter size on campus.

  • Scholarship

    • Maintain an average GPA at or above the campus all-men average.

  • External Relations

    • Interact with alumni by ensuring undergraduate participation in chapter alumni meetings or events

    • Maintain a Parent’s Club or host at least one parent event each year.



The Purpose of Theta Xi is to provide a college home environment for its active members in which fellowship and alumni guidance lead to wholesome mental, moral, spiritual and physical growth. To that end, Theta Xi actively supports and augments college and community efforts to make individual members more mature and chapter groups more useful units of society. Through its alumni and undergraduate leadership, Theta Xi endeavors to assist each member to develop:

ONE, Intellectual curiosity which assures the highest scholarship rating consistent with his ability.


TWO, Habits that lead to better mental and physical health.


THREE, Sincerity in his association with others and confidence in himself.


FOUR, Responsibility to chapter, college, community, and country

FIVE, Leadership that comes from practicing the principles of democratic self government.


SIX, Interests and Activities outside regular scholastic studies that employ spare time to advantage.


SEVEN, Spiritual Understanding which provides a resivoir of strength to draw upon when faced with conditions beyond comprehension.


The Theta Xi Headquarters, located in Atlanta, Georgia, provides several in-person leadership training programs for its members. The Vrendenburgh Presidents Academy and Rising Stars Academy are hosted nationally each January to provide additional leadership training for Chapter Presidents and future leaders. The Newell District Leadership Academies provide regional training for chapter officers and future officers in different areas of chapter operations. A National Convention is hosted every other year for alumni and undergraduate members across the county.


The National Fraternity is governed by a nine member board known as the Grand Lodge. Grand Lodge members are nominated and elected at each National Convention. One Auburn alumni is currently serving on the Grand Lodge, Billy Davis, BZ 755, elected in 2020.

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